Trade Show Giveaways

How successful is your trade show booth?


Are you capturing hundreds of names and not getting a great return on your trade show investment of time, energy and resources?


Would you like to gather highly qualified names with larger potential for conversion?  


One piece of the Trade Show Puzzle is implementing a well thought out strategy to engage Attendees with the perfect giveaway gift.


We have three FREE strategies that will help you:

1) Increase Traffic to Your Booth

2) Increase Client Loyalty

3) Increase # of Qualfied Prospects




Ask for our detailed strategy that you can use for each and every trade show:

#1: Increase Traffic

#3 More Qualified Prospects

A sure fire way to increase traffic to your booth is to entice your current Clients by sending out a pre-show invitation with an offer that they can't resist!

Katie Marsack, August 14, 2012

"Trade shows are the #1 business-to-business marketing spend to support sales beating out specialty publications, internet, promotions, and PR respectively. If you are seeking justifications to why you should continue or start exhibiting - just consider the above statistics. Exhibiting works!"   Email us for Katie's list of "10 impressive stats to give validity to including trade shows in your marketing budget."


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 #2 Increase Loyalty

Strategize a gift program that will not only build loyalty, rewards loyalty.

Effectively use your Current Clients to build your Client base.  Current Clients are your number 1 asset to new Clients!

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