The context of global business is evolving. Over the past decade, there has been a shift on the purpose of business, beyond maximising shareholder value, with an increased emphasis on other stakeholder values, particularly social and environmental concerns as drivers for business growth.


Emzingo Group and Tantum Group have teamed up to provide an in-depth training program for companies that want to move from intention to action.


The Impact Strategies Training Program is an experiential learning program that offers the space and time to allow participants to rethink the future of business and their organizations. With a 2-day four-module off-site program, the Impact Strategies Training Program is designed to guide you through the process to understand the value of impact strategies.

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5th - 6th, 2020

Impact Hub Amsterdam

Join an experiential learning program that offers you the opportunity to rethink your the future and impact of business and your organization.


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TANTUM GROUP starts from a deep understanding of the context of our customers followed by architecting the co-created single solution relevant to our customers. That is feasible and to be compliant with current their needs. Integrating multiple stakeholders and specialists we work in an effective way from the design strategy to its effective implementation, establishing governance to sustain the transformation.


We are a multidisciplinary team of 100 professionals plugged with a network of specialists. We operate in 10 countries, with Brazil and Chile under the brand Symnetics and Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and the United States operating under the brand Tantum.

EMZINGO GROUP is an award-winning social enterprise and Certified B Corp. Since 2010, we work with private and public organizations and academic institutions to design and facilitate experiences and learning programs that allow people, teams, and communities innovate, create impact and connect with society. Our work is designed to bring meaning and purpose to the participants' work, improve the their ability to innovate, identify opportunities for lasting social impact, and connect business with social and environmental impact.


We have worked with a wide-array of organizations helping them design and facilitate transformative leadership experiences. Our work includes workshops, social projects, and learning programs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Boston, Johannesburg, Lima, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, New York, and Rio de Janeiro. In 2013 we were shortlisted and in 2014 we were awarded the Ashoka U Cordes innovation Award, recognizing our applied learning model that combines innovative leadership training with action lerarning principles.


Deepen your understanding of impact strategics and identify opportunities for innovative business growth and a positive social impact.



Acquire new skills and perspectives that combined with your wealth of experience will generate new possibilities for you and your team.



Benefit from the support of a community of like-minded  peers and personalized opportunities for experimentation and action learning.



Focus on building resilient, agile, collaborative, and responsible teams to drive long-lasting innovation and positive growth.

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