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Sweet Dreams

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One of our top products - used by Dr's and professionals to help thier clients sleep naturally.

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Naturally reduce your clients Cholesterol with our cholex product, made here in usa and 100% natural.

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Pressure Ease

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Probably one of the best products to date on the Holistic Market to help reduce blood pressure naturally and effectively.

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The Above is what you can earn per 1 bottle sold, this can help develop a substantial recurring income and we provide sales banners for you to help sell NutraOrgana Products.

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I have been using the Sweet Dreams formula for about six months now, and it is the only thing that has helped me get a good night's sleep. I had tried melatonin, magnesium oil, and several other natural remedies, and nothing seemed to help. I was desperate, as the sleep deprivation was definitely taking a toll on my body, and ready to look into prescription drugs when I came across this product. I immediately noticed a difference but was skeptical at first because of how many other products had failed. Sure enough, night after night, it continued to work. I woke up feeling rested - no "hangover" - and didn't dread lying down to go to sleep at night for fear that I would lie awake all night. I am so thankful for this product and highly recommend it to anyone suffering from insomnia. I feel better and more rested now than I have in years.


Kerri Ilfil

Dr. Larry is an amazing Doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone for his services and/ or products. I've used many of his products and even did his saliva test and have had amazing results. I have not met many doctors as genuine and caring as he is about my health care needs and he is like that with every one that he meets. He is not in it for the money but truly his concern is for his patients and getting the best products out there for overall optimal health. 




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Dr Larry is a Nutritional Doctor with over 40 years experience in Holistic Health and Wellness. The culmination of these years in the Holistic Industry helped Dr Larry develop his natural herbal products that now enjoy world acclaim.

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