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 "Before starting my business here I was a secondary school teacher. While I loved teaching, I felt very under appreciated, underpaid and very restricted with my time. I went with my gut and jumped in with both feet. I am loving the financial rewards and the time freedom this has allotted me. My best month so far has been just over $26,000 USD! I am now teaching others to create success for themselves as well and it feels great! - Lise, BC Canada


"I lost my job as a sales executive & then within just 5 months of moving forward with this business I was making over $25,000 per month. Being fired from my sales job was the best thing that could have ever happened. Life is no longer stressful. I work & play along side my husband and daughter every day. I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity." - Rachel, Colorado USA


"I was a CEO of a large corporation travelling all over the world without my wife. I went in search of a business I could do from home so I could spend more time with Arni & my loved ones. I'm thrilled to have been able to replace my executive salary working this business on a part-time basis from home. - Michael, Hawaii USA








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