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Start down the road to financial independence whether furthering your career in a field or working towards business ownership of a home service franchise. Apply by August 15 for a $1,500 scholarship to trade or technical school for any of seven specialties: HVAC, plumbing, electrical repair, glass repair and replacement, appliance repair, restoration or landscaping. This education will prepare you to work hands-on in a trade and give you the knowledge and experience to help you not only get a job, but also prepare you to one day own and operate your own home service business.
Scholarship covers tuition, books, travel and/or fees. Funds can be applied at any accredited trade or technical school in any location in the United States or Canada. You do not need to be affiliated/associated with The Dwyer Group in order to apply.

If you are a woman working towards a career in the trades, a student studying for a career in the trades or a current front-line employee for a franchise location of one of The Dwyer Group brands, apply today. 


At The Dwyer Group, we envision a world where more women are utilizing their talents and abilities making a living in the household repair trades, whether working in the field or owning a franchise location of one of our seven home service businesses. This scholarship exists to support the personal growth of women as they pursue education and training in one of our seven company trades (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, restoration, landscaping, appliance repair, or glass repair and installation). 


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