The Main Stage Revue is Rock County’s newest children’s full production choir, designed to enrich the whole child through vocal music, drama and performance, and is open to all children in grades 3 - 10.




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What do you do while waiting for Santa to arive?  Put on a show, of course.  With both smaller parts and larger, more extensive roles, there is something for every age, skill level, and dedication level.

No Auditions Required!

Every performer gets a part in the musical.

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4:45 PM

First Performance

Dec. 15th

5 PM-6 PM

*Dates and times are estimations and may change as the season approaches.

Sept. 27th

First Practice

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Second Performance

Dec. 16th

3 PM-4 PM

Sep. 27th

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Per Student

Third Performance

Dec. 17th

3 PM-4 PM

This Winter Seasons Musical:

Santa's Rockin' Christmas Eve

Provides unique enrichment beyond the music classroom setting.




Develop skills in vocal music, drama, and dance.




Taught by veteran vocal music teacher Vickie Neitzel.




Sign Up in Person/Meet the Director

5 PM

Sept. 5th


Snacks and Drinks will be provided.  Meet with Vickie and your fellow performers. Parents welcome.