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Fall / Winter 2018 Registration is Wednesday, September 5th at 4 pm at Voigt Music Center!  


Hurry - space is very limited!


The Main Stage Revue is a no-audition, children's production choir for grades 4th - 8th, produced by Voigt Music Center and directed by veteran music teacher Vickie Neitzel. 

The Main Stage Revue is designed to enrich the whole child through vocal music and performing. 


For more information, call Vickie Neitzel at 608-758-9378, or email


Have an interested performer?

 This Semester's Musical:




Enter into the world of make-believe, a place where toys learn to be good Toy Camp. Ted E. Bear, Princess Ann, Glow Toy, and others have come to Toy Camp to hopefully graduate and earn their price tags to be sold at toy stores.  Not graduating from Toy Camp means certain doom at the Toy Dump!  During their week at camp, our friends learn lessons in paying attention and practicing, overcoming both their fears and their weaknesses.  With a subtle moral about liking yourself and having confidence if you want to be loved by others, each toy realizes that it is good at something.