The Jinxes 2013.



From now until Dec 18th, we are offering a limited release of our limited supply of physical CD's for a limited time.* :-)


The We Create EP won't be available again until it's official release in Feb/Mar of 2014. 


Five brand new songs, crafted with love in a handsome poly-wrapped jacket. It's a super big secret, so don't forget to tell all of your friends! ;->


Sorry, USA only (it's too late to ship internationally), but we do have digital downloads available.


* We have a few special physical CDs left-over from our Kickstarter campaign



UC water bottle

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Yep. You guessed it - one UC water bottle with one CD!

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Jinxes t-shirts!

Several styles and colors to choose from!

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About us

We're a small indie folk duo from the Monterey Bay. We have jobs, responsiblities and creative passions!

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The Jinxes super-secret limited-time holiday pre-release! 

UC stands for Ultra-Cool. Who doesn't need an attractive, functional, on-the-go logoed water bottle?

$10 |

+$5 shipping (USA)

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