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Tea is so fragrant the entire room can smell what I was drinking. It's definitely a cup to relax with. There's nothing to complain about this tea.

~ Sandy Aung, Avid Tea Lover,
Entreprenuer & Trainer






A perfect cup of tea for any time of the day. Love all the teas! Drinking it as I'm writing this now! :D

~ Benjamin Toh,
Social Media Manager



Chocolate Wonder Berry is my favourite Tea! Now it is the tea i use to pamper myself every TGIF! >_<


~ Lucy Kent, 
Assistant Ops Manager


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Tealy Tea


Earl Grey Crème
Anjou Paradise Ceylon
Mint Chocolate Truffle Black
Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle
Mint Rooibos
Peach Berry Jasmine Sutra Rooibos
Lemon Lemongrass









Japanese Tea


Ginger Tea

Rose Oolong Tea

Mixed Herb & Roasted Tea





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