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Teal Mommy, LLC  is a service that provides on-the-go help to parents who choose to keep their children with them while running errands or in the home. 


Mission: Our goal is to support Mothers (and Fathers) on-the-go who choose to keep their children with them by providing reliable, trusted on-the-go assistance. 


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Teal Mommy? What's that about?

You CAN be a Mother & remain productive!

That's right! No errand  or task you must carry out is too small. Have a doctor's appointment, need a mani/pedi, and/or need to make a grocery store run? Our on-the-go help will accompany you to the doctor's office and sit with your child in the waiting room. The smell of acrylic is too strong for our little ones. Our on-the-go help will sit with your child in the coffee shop next door or at the diner across the street while you enjoy being pampered guilt free. Whatever assistance you need, we are here to provide it for you! 

Extensive background checks

(no extra cost to you)

 Teal Mommy, LLC was started by Mothers with Mothers in mind. We understand what you think and how you feel. Coupled along with our professional experience, we offer extensive background checks on all of our on-the-go help to include personal references. Character is important. We would not pair you with anyone that we would be uncomfortable with our own children.




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