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We understand that not everyone knows why they are having pain, where it is coming from, or what to do about it. That’s why we offer Free 20 minute, 1 on 1, consultations with one of our skilled Physical Therapists to anyone! We will listen to your questions and concerns, perform a screen, and guide you in the right direction for treatment, whether it is physical therapy, a visit with a physician, or an independent exercise program. We vow to remain connected to you for all of your musculoskeletal needs!

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During your consultation, our skilled Physical Therapists will:

  • Take a complete musculoskeletal history and learn about your goals.

  • Perform a screen with selected diagnostic tests to understand your particular injury/concern.

  • Develop a treatment plan to achieve your goals.

We look forward to assisting in your journey at Connect Physical Therapy LLC!

*Consultations do not involve a Physical Therapy evaluation or treatment




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