Naira 7.5 Billion worth lost in Fire during 2012

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Scanning Services

Indexing & Archiving

Our proprietary workflow
management and tracking system
uses a combination of automated
software tools and manual dataentry
to offer high quality and
cost-effective services. Our doubleentry,
triple-compare process
ensures optimal level of accuracy
at the character level.

Our high speed scanning services
digitize your physical documents
with the speed of the wind. STPL
follows ISO 9000 compliant quality
management processes which
enable us the deliver on and exceed
the expectations of the client
throughout the project life cycle.

Business processes rely on the
accurate transfer of information.
A streamlined document archiving
strategy is the first line of defense
against filing errors, labor-intensive
information access, and the
threat of paper overtaking your

Data Capture

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Every year, fire alone destroys thousands of warehouses in Nigeria. Every year, thousands of dollars are wasted in storing and  searching for physical documents. How can you save your mission critical documents and your hard earned money?

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STPL has digitized documents of up to 1.5 Million in quantity of some clients, while it has also serviced clients with 5000 document.

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Nigeria Insurance Commission.

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