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About the author


John Chuang is a social media and mobile observer and trendwatcher, who helps entrepreneurs and business owners make sense of the world of social media and mobile. He is also passionate about marketing and business storytelling, which is the reason why he created this eBook on using the power of storytelling.


If you have any comments about the eBook, or would like to discuss some ideas with him, please feel free to email him at chuang29@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter  (@socialmobilejc) or LinkedIn (https://sg.linkedin.com/in/chuangjohn)




In a world flooded with information, stories have been shown to be 1 of the most powerful ways of marketing, as they create an emotional connection between your target audience and your business, products/services or brand. We all love stories and so do your prospects and customers.


This 41-page FREE eBook will help and guide you along in creating your own unique stories, as a way of marketing your own business, products/services or brand more effectively. You'll learn about:


* Why you need to use storytelling as part of your marketing efforts

* The 7 timeless storytelling themes which you can use in your stories

* The essential elements of creating an effective and engaging story

* The various types of media you can use to create your story, and much more....


It also comes with a Checklist and Workbook as well.


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