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Our methods

   *   Sharing lessons from high-value negligence lawsuits directly with practitioners through stories that stick

   *   Improving advisors' skills at preventing lawsuits, by focusing upon:
                     -   mistakes that cause mega-claims
                   -   warning signs missed by top-class professionals
                      -   claimants' tactics - fair and foul
                          -   closing the protection gaps that expose firms to scapegoat claims

   *   Sharpening practitioners' alertness to the warning signs that lead to lawsuits
   *   Guarding against vulnerability to spurious or exaggerated claims, even where the advice was sound

Who are we?

Shaun is a lawyer, speaker, and author. He defends leading firms when they are sued by their clients. Shaun has practised commercial, insurance and financial litigation at Simmons & Simmons in the City of London and at elite offsore firm Appleby. Previously he was a commercial projects lawyer, so he knows the pressures of advising on major deals, as well as the fallout from liability claims. He also helps professional advsors to avoid litigation.

Shaun Tracey

Laura is a chartered accountant, business lecturer and professional trainer. She began her training career in London at BPP teaching delegates from the 'big four' accountancy firms as well as from a range of other institutions. Laura has taught in higher education and has designed innovative online courses. She is committed to providing high quality training which is accessible, engaging and properly supported.

Laura Tracey

The Tracey & Tracey Professional Advisors' Academy is an expert resource that helps advisors to hold on to their success, reputation and client relationships. We provide a fresh approach to preventing claims through a range of services including keynote speeches for impact, face to face training for increased delegate participation and online training for cost-effective firmwide roll-out.

The academy

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Helping professional firms avoid becoming deep-pocket defendants

Our mission

To help professional firms avoid being sued by their clients - by narrowing the gap between advisors' knowledge of best practice and their skills at preventing lawsuits.

New book DON'T SHOOT THE ADVISOR: A defence lawyer's guide to protecting your position and preventing lawsuits by Shaun Tracey. The book provides a rare insight and encourages each reader to think like their own defence lawyer.


Expert training to help prevent claims: including public seminars, inhouse workshops, keynote speeches and partner briefings. Online video training for instant access and cost-effective firmwide roll-out. Follow-up video training to consolidate learning and make a lasting impact.