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Our Beta Launch is just around the corner, so get on board by registering below, and help us make this the most exciting platform on earth.

When you sign up at FLOPTALK, you will be registering yourself into a community network that is going to make a huge difference in your day. We are not only going to make it super simple for you, we are going to make sure it remains fresh, fun, interactive, user friendly, engaging, and most importantly, rewarding...

And how about a rewards program that is going to knock your socks off?

We would love to tell you what this is all about, but for now it is

Just like Twitter and Facebook, we at FLOPTALK want you to be able to share with friends, family and all your followers. But if that was all we did, we wouldn't even waste our time building this site.

So not only are you going to have an amazing rewards program that is going to be spectacular, you will be able to play in our weekly freerolls just for being a member. And let's just say these freerolls have incredible offerings.


Now if that isn't enough to convince you that FLOPTALK is the only place to share your daily experiences and adventures, then how about if we throw in a Ranking Program where you can accumulate FLOPTALK Chips that will get you into our Exclusive Freerolls that will give you a shot at earning siginificant rewards.

That is pretty much all we are going to reveal at this time. You are simply going to have to register today and get involved in our Beta launch, or you can wait until we roll it out to the masses. Either way, FLOPTALK is the Social Network that will become the new home for all poker players. So why wait, sign up today, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Any person(s) wishing to take part in Sports Betting and/or Online Freerolls, must be of legal age and residing in a country where such activities are authorized by Government authorities. If you are a resident or citizen of a country that restricts Sports Betting and/or Online Gaming, you will be prohibited from taking part in such activities. FLOPTALK will however have processes and/or offerings in place that will be made available to all members that cannot participate in the activities noted above.


GET READY for the 1st and only, complete Social Network designed just for you, the poker player.  

Once you become a member, which is absolutely FREE, there will be no going back to Twitter and Facebook.

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