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Learn the skills you need to build better communication skills with your aging loved ones and your family.


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Gain the insights you will need to keep connections stronger within each POPcycle.


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By following the guidelines and listening to the personal story in this book you will gain perspective on how to improve the health and happiness of your aging parents.


NBC Interview with  Author Jane Wolf Waterman

What readers say about "Oh My God! We're Parenting Our Parents"?

Jeff Brosz | Director of Sales and Marketing at Walker Methodist

"My Senior living property is currently providing a copy of "Oh My God! We're parenting our Parents" to those adult children that show interest in my community. It's a great book! We have 10 communities currently in our organization."

Angie M. |Los Angeles, CA

This is a masterful piece of work, invaluable to countless folks who will be taking care of their parents in their twilight years. I am in fact one of those parents, who is cared for by a wonderful daughter and son-in-law, but it made me even more aware of how much they contribute to my lifestyle. Read it, you wont regret it.

I think the project you have established is extremely valuable and I wish you every success with it." - Sir Richard Bowlby, son of John Bowlby, Father of Attachment Theory and Administrator of The Bowlby Centre.

Sir Richard Bowlby |son of John Bowlby

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