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Fiber Purchase

Program is live!

NEAFP is opening up it's fiber purchasing program to purchase an additional 25,000 lbs of U.S. grown alpaca fiber in 2017! By selling your fiber to us you can help alpaca farms stay ahead of growing product demand all while increasing your farm's cash flow.

 Our goal is to cut a check for all qualifiying fiber within 8 weeks of it reaching our mill for review. For fiber arriving via a regional or show collection, it may take an additional 4 to 6 weeks to sort through and issue payment.

Alpaca farms across the USA have been turning to the fiber side of their business to stay sustainable. Their businesses are growing faster than their herds and need more U.S. grown alpaca fiber to enter the domestic manufacturing chain to meet this growing demand.

Our projections for 2017 call for an additional 25,000 lbs of alpaca fiber. The faster your fiber arrives at our warehouse for review, the faster our sorters can work through it & issue payment.

Fiber Requirements & Payout

For 2017, NEAFP's buying fiber that meets the following requirements:

Let's Get Started!

Farms submitting fiber meeting these requirements will receive between $3 and $4 per pound. The total per lb will be based on overall quality determined by NEAFP sorters. Acceptance and overall quality will be decided on these main criteria: Average Fiber Diameter, % of Strong Primary Fibers (Guard Hair), Staple Length, and overall uniformity.

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