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 merQbiz® announces C.H. Robinson as exclusive logistics provider for recovered paper marketplace

Easily purchase materials, coordinate logistics and manage invoices. Try the interactive demo below!


Get instant shipping quotes

Real-time competitive pricing

Track shipments with proof of delivery

After a buyer logs into their account, they can select listings by paper grade and tons available.&nbsp;<br><br><b><i>(ex: #11 OCC Old Corrugated Containers)</i></b><br>

At the product display page, to obtain your instant shipping rate, enter the tonnage in the empty field.

<b><i>Ex: 100</i></b><i></i> tons

Then click&nbsp;<b><i>Select Address</i></b><i></i>.&nbsp;

A pop up will appear, with the stored address(es) in the account.&nbsp;<b><i></i></b><i></i>Click Ex:&nbsp;<b><i>mQb - 1240 Rosecrans Ave - Manhattan Beach</i></b>

Click <span class=""><i><b> Use selected address </b></i></span>

Your shipping rate is displayed in the buybox, which is also included in the total. Shipping rates are in real-time, and competitive.&nbsp;<br>

Buyers also have the option to&nbsp;<b><i></i></b><i></i>select another address, using the&nbsp;<b><i>Change Address</i></b><i></i> button

The shipping address pop-up will reappear, with the option to&nbsp;<b><i>Add new address</i></b><i></i>

From there, buyers will be given the option to fill-in their new address location

After reviewing the shipping rate and total, you can&nbsp;<b><i>Proceed to checkout</i></b><i></i>

C.H. Robinson brings unmatched freight capacity and an integrated logistics solution to the merQbiz platform