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In this hour-long session, student get to sit down with our experienced educator to explore various challenges faced by them and how to effectively overcome these challenges in order to excel in their education journey. Studetns will also find out how our pioneer Horizons Success System (HSS) can change their mindset and be self-directed & motivated towards education.

LintelHorizons Eduhub. Academic & Life Coach 

We are a consortium of passionate private educators who wants to make a difference to your child's life.

On top of academic mentoring, our educators simultaneously takes on the role of a Life Coach to ensure students stay motivated and self-directed in pursuing academic excellence.

1. We pioneers our very own Horizons Success System (H.S.S) in our education programs.
2. We reognize that every child is unique and have their own individal method of learning.
3. Our H.S.S focuses on your child’s specific strengths, talents, best mode of learning, mindset and goals.
4. Our educators conducts behavioral analysis to craft the best teaching scheme.
5. We addresses not just academic but also student's self-esteem & self-belief.
6. Our educators are trained to assist students in developing intrinsic motivation in their education.
7. Students will lead a self-directed & purposeful life, which enhances their success in life.
8. Our educators are more than just academic tutor. We are your child's Life Coach!
9. We offers a life-changing experience so as to unravel student's maximum potential and guide them to success in life. 

Classes are held once per week, 1.5 hours per session.

One-to-one classes as well as group classes (up to a maximum of 6) are available.

Classes are catered for Primary 5 to Secondary 4 students. Selected subjects are available for Junior College students.

 Right now, there are active classes ongoing at Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong and Redhill.

Group classes are either held at the teacher's place or any conducive environment convenient for the students.

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