Need a plan so you know when and where to invest your time + money in your biz?

It looks like this:  You are always busy but you never seem to finish anything.  You have lots of great ideas but never enough time or money to implement them.  


Its Shiny Object Syndrome.  It's getting distracted. It's having too much to do and not enough time.  It's working way too many hours instead of being with your family, which is why you started this biz in the first place. 


It's just plain frustrating.  And annoying. 


And it's not what you signed up for.   



I get it.



And I want to share with you what helped me to go from feeling overwhelmed to having balance, focus, and clarity in my business.  

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"For 2014, I had a vague idea of how I wanted the year to look, but without a firm plan.  Krista’s guidance was just what I needed.


Her strategic plan has been absolutely essential is shaping my ideal year. Krista has the rare talent of being able to help you focus on the important points of your business, break them down into specific tasks and put that on paper. It has created a huge amount of clarity for me and with my strategic plan for 2014 in my hand, I am already starting to see the results that I want."   


"The program requires little in the way of time or energy but delivers great results.


Krista has a gift for helping you tap into that creative zone where you determine how you want the course of your business and life to go. Then she helps you create a simple roadmap to get there. It's fun and easy."

Fiona McKinna, Mayfair Ventures

Alison Wunderland, Culinary Artist, Pure Abundance

"Before I joined Krista’s One Page Strategic Plan-a-thon, I knew I was committed to my coaching business, but I didn’t really know what that meant. I had several action steps in mind, but I didn’t know how – or if! – they fit together. In short, I didn’t really know where I was going.


Taking the workshop has provided me with insight as to what I REALLY want for my business, and some short term goals that line up with my larger, overall vision.


By knowing what I ultimately want to accomplish, I can more easily determine if an opportunity or new idea is a good one for me to pursue.


I’d recommend Krista’s workshop to anyone who needs to plan for their business, and who wants to do it in a painless manner! The exercises didn’t take a long time and the provided a great deal of insight and structure for 2014 – and a guideline for years beyond. I’m looking forward to guiding myself through the year, based on the plan I developed."

                                                                                                      Cindy Lantier, Personal Development Coach

Your  business  will  thank  you  for  this.  


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Do your planning now.  Or in two months.  Or with the group that starts February 3rd.  


You have unlimited access so you can come back and repeat this process if you want.  

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Simple and Painless.  

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The training is easy to follow with audio recordings and worksheets to make this process easy-peasy.  


From start to finish you'll invest less than two hours in this process.  


You'll have immediate access to all of the materials - and the powerhouse Facebook group - as soon as you join.  


The private group on Facebook will have daily check-in's and added support from February 3rd-7th 2014.  We'll still be there if you want jump in before that.  Or after that.  Or anywhere in-between.  


Send me an email with questions  - - krista (at)


P.S. If you aren't happy for any reason in the first 30 days, your full purchase price will be refunded to you.   



Let's make this year BIG for you in life + biz. 



"If you are a female entrepreneur and you want 2014 to be something different then you should choose Krista Martin to accompany you on your journey.


When I signed up to Krista’s challenge I had experienced a very difficult year in terms of my business, and I believed it was because I lacked clarity around what I was doing.  I felt  out on a limb without a team around me.  Krista’s forum introduced me to others who had a similar mindset and who were on a similar journey and we have been sharing and encouraging each other along the way.


No one is an island, we all need someone to help get us through the difficult days and the person I would strong recommend is Krista with her intuitive and creative one page strategy tool, her knowledge of what female entrepreneurs need and how to deliver it in a way that it can be most effective.  


Deliciously brilliant! Thank you, Krista."  


Christine Alexander-Smith, The Diversity Coaching Initiative, Ltd.  

5 Days  ~  30 minutes per day ~  1 page plan  ~  365 days of success

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