Why Do People Keep Asking Me This?

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What’s the book about?

Let's take a simple look at the thirteen principles of Jewish belief. 

Now, let's compare them to your beliefs as a Christian (your denomination of choice).

We will face, possibly for the first time, what may be the real differences or similarities in Judaism and Christianity. Let's foster a more reasonable conversation about faith.




What others have to say about my last book

About the author

Paul Bass, Writer, Producer, Illustrator

Writer, Producer, Cartoonist, Performer. I write about Faith, Family, and Foundations of healthy and successful living. 

I grew up in North Miami. I have a passion for history. I am still addicted to old westerns (the older the better).

I have narrowly escaped the jaws of a vengeful hamster more than once. You think I would learn.

The message is excellent. And when I saw the stones singing my first scripture verse was "I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." Luke 19:40. God will not be silenced. Excellent story.

Very talented author. Love all of his stuff. You will definitely enjoy this book.

Shannon Rossow, Homeschool Mom

Janis Cox, Author

Can you imagine what it might have been like to be there and hear the stones cry out if the people had been silenced?
Today that great New Testament story has been retold by author Paul Bass in a wonderful... book entitled: The Singing Stones. The story is an easy read and provides a wonderful opportunity to share with your child some valuable life lessons based in fascinating Biblical history.

William Strusse, Author

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Am I Jewish?


13 Questions of Faith For Christians

by Paul Bass

Why should you care?

Let's begin to erase 20 centuries of confusion with this little book.