Hadoop 2.x Webinar Using Hive for Only


100 Minutes of Live Online Training, Advanced Concepts, Practical Tutorials, Handson Practices, Hadoop Installation Manual, Class Recordings, Data Sets and 24 hours Support !

Date: 3rd August 2016, 9:00PM to 10:40PM EST


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Are you planing to move on Hadoop & BIG Data? At the end of the session, we'll answer all your career & subject related queries.

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" These webinars provided me a great introduction to BIG Data and Hadoop Framework. I'm now contemplating a career shift into this space. "

- Chen

" Big Data and Hadoop via Hive was a concept I really wanted to learn but just couldn't find the right knowledge resources. These webinars really helped me out.  "

- Prakash

"  I had a great experience with Kratoes. The instructor completed decoded hive for me and directly cleared all queries & doubts. "


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