Why You Should Take 10 Minutes a Day to Do  NOTHING

As a child, you were advised to rest often, nap frequently to give your brain as short time of recharge to face the rest of the day. Although we are no longer children, it is crucial to still recognize the importance of taking short breaks throughout the day. Even as an adult, our brains need a recharge to avoid burnout and remain fully functional. While a “nap” may be extremely impractical and time consuming, it is possible to “take ten”, even on a work day. A ten minute walk can serve as a productive “break”, and can increase your effectiveness in tasks for the remainder of the day. Companies that encourage short breaks have actually shown an increase in productivity, and employees claim to have a clearer mind. If taking ten minutes to yourself can improve your functionality, effectiveness, and attentiveness, why not give “ten minutes of nothing” a try? The potential advantages far outweigh any lost time.




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