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Colin Williams

HFS Marketing

Colin is a veteran of the financial advice profession and is regularly in the finance media along with speaking at conferences. HFS Marketing helps professionals to grow their businesses with strategic planning and decisive implementation. It has established a reputation as being a leader for web and social media marketing,and launched the website Humble Investors.


Rachel Staggs

SRS Coaching & Consulting

Having worked in Financial Services Marketing for more than fifteen years, Rachel has seen what works and what doesn’t. Known for her strategic and practical approach, she works with Advisers to develop effective marketing strategies and assists with the implementation. She is also the creator of the successful “Adviser Marketing Program” a marketing course developed specifically for the Financial Services sector.

Tony McDonald

T & C Consulting

A seasoned senior executive with extensive business experience, across a range of disciplines and industries, with a successful track record having co-founded and led the Snowball Group, now SFG Australia, from a 'start-up' to a fully integrated business listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. 

Bob Neill

Seaview Consulting

Prior to commencing Seaview Consulting, Bob was national manager of the Adviser Business Centre, at MLC. Bob is a Chartered Accountant and is a sought after speaker at conferences addressing practice management, valuation and sale transactions. He is a pioneer of helping Principles to see themselves as business managers, investors and advisers.


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We aim to bring together the 'Advice Leaders' from the profession of finacial advice to share their knowledge and exeprtise. We learn best from our peers and we want the Advice Leaders to engage in series of webinars and discussions, deemed important through the Advice Business Insights Survey. We will appreciate your support, as will your peers.


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Cholena Orr

Profusion Group 

Cholena Orr is a Director from Profusion Group.  With 20 years’ experience in human resources and recruitment, Cholena has worked for brands such as Mercer, Suncorp, the Queensland State Government.  She will provide you with insights on the financial planning market nationally, and discuss how to ensure you are recruiting, developing and retaining the best possible talent.

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