Delivery Trust. What is it about?

Two-Way Secure Communication



HIPAA Compliance

Ease of Use



Two way email encryption has never been so simple.

JAS Insurance Group has partnered with Identillect to be able to provide user-friendly email security

that works in conjunction with your existing email setup. Protect critical client data and take advantage

of an impressive array of email controls and visibility. 

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Send secure email & access email from any browser

No download or installation required

Restrict forwarding and printing


Retract sent messages

No need for recipient to register



Delivery Trust Web Only




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Includes all Delivery Trust web only features

Seamless integration with no learning curve

$ 8.95


Secure emails directly from Outlook

Synch contacts from Outlook

to web portal

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Delivery Trust Business

Includes all Delivery Trust features

Custom branded emails and web portal

Dynamically assign licenses

to your users


Delivery Trust

$ 10.95

Automted vCard password system

Includes business logo in

outgoing emails

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