The Easiest way to find your Karma...

 Without becoming an Astrologer!


Decoding Your Life Map with Vedic Astrology

"I can honestly say that this has been the BEST purchase I have ever made, and took less time then reading some of the books I have."

- Mike, CA













Decode Your Karma... Decode Your Life!


 Imagine you’re on a quest to discover a sacred treasure- the map of your life. After searching for some time, you find it, only to realize it’s in a script you can’t understand. This is the horoscope, and it’s written in enigmatic symbols and numbers up to now accessible only to trained astrologers. DECODING YOUR LIFE MAP WITH VEDIC ASTROLOGY was created to help you QUICKLY read the secret script of your life, because EVERYBODY should have access to the self-knowledge their chart provides, without having to consult or BECOME AN ASTROLOGER!


In these easy to understand videos, you will learn how to :

  *Find Your Soul Purpose

*QUICKLY uncover Hang Ups… AND their Antidotes

*Discover your Sacred Sound

*Express your Talents

*Channel your Vital Energy

*Decode Challenges and Restrictions... 

 And much, much more… including special sections like

“How to Time Anything in your Day for Optimal Success.”
















Together with Part II, you get OVER 10 HOURS PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION, but you won’t need that long to uncover the hidden secrets of your horoscope.  Sound too good to be true? Take a look at what people who bought the course have said:
































  I receive testimonials just like these from students around the world who have watched the videos and finally been able to make sense of their lives, even after reading books and taking seminars on astrology. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to be an astrologer, and now you don’t have to just to understand your chart.  


Frankly, I wish I had something like this when I was learning. Instead, I had to pay thousands of dollars and travel to seminars across the country just to find answers about my life. Now, with Decoding Your Life Map I've made it easy for you to access the special wisdom locked in your horoscope, with simple to follow and fun tools!


For only $97, you will get what took me FIFTEEN YEARS of study and trial and error to learn. 


As a very special BONUS to get you started, I will also send you a FREE copy of your chart! Good astrology software costs upwards of $300. Now, you don't have to pay to see your chart, or the charts of your friends and family, when you order DECODING YOUR LIFE MAP!


As an additional bonus, I will also send you your individual Planetary Mantra, the sacred sound of YOUR horoscope…


People  have paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars for this one service alone...many times over the $97 for these DVDs...

 So, I challenge you to begin your journey of self-discovery today…  

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   "The presenter takes a complex subject and makes it fun and easy to learn. Highly recommended for beginners and continuing students of Jyotish." - G.Vig, MA  


"Discover your soul purpose, special talents, weaknesses, among other aspects of your life so you can tune in to your mission right away! I loved this seminar, was personally there and now have the DVDs which i watch every now and then learning something new each time. Profound wisdom shared with lots of fun and common sense by Sanskrit teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and Jyotishi Simon!" -JP, Peru



"The speaker in this video makes a complex subject matter easy to understand and fun. he is very entertaining. he gives you tools that are actually immediately practical, which is not common when dealing with such a complex study. I wholeheartedly recommend this video and look forward to other works by this author." - Katelyn, PA 


 "I've tried to read A LOT of books on Jyotish, and been frustrated by how much memorization and work you need to learn just a little bit about yourself. Watching these DVDs and scrolling through the chapters, I learned to understand my own chart and even other people's charts very quickly. It's surprisingly simple, and I think both beginners and intermediate students (like ME!) can benefit from it... I also bought this for friends and family because it makes a nice gift!"      - Ventzi, NM 


"I am eternally grateful to you for making these videos! Reviewing them now has brought new clarity into me about my chart, the planets, the houses, etc... it's like I feel a sigh of relief as I look at my life :) Thank You!" -Doug, NM


"This is by far one of the best videos on Vedic Astrology. I have purchased books such as "Light on Life", "Beneath a Vedic Sky", "The Ascendant: 108 Planets of Vedic astrology" and countless others. Vedic astrology is not only complex but sometimes the terminology can make it even more challenging to comprehend.This 3 DVD set, including Simons other Part II series (3 more DVD's), are absolutely the best way to get started learning this ancient teaching. I loved how simple he makes the subject, and the many examples that he gives." -Mike, CA



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