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What is Creative East Lothian? 

CreativeEL will be an online hub for East Lothian's local artists, designers and makers enabling them to showcase their work and activities. At the center of the hub will be a directory, which will increase the member’s online presence through a dedicated website and customised social media platforms. The members will pay a fee to be part of the directory, in return their work and activities will be promoted and featured on the CreativeEL website, and through social media channels. This hub of artists and designers will generate more sales and commissions, through making members information more accessible and visible to potential customers and those interested in supporting creative activities within East Lothian. Visitors to the website will be able to see all the registered members, and search for exactly what they want, whether it be an event, a product, a workshop or a studio to visit.

CreativeEL will hold a monthly get together for its members as well as pop-up shops throughout the county, allowing conversations, collaborations and a physical creative community to form.

Alongside the membership CreativeEL will offer a range of services to assist its members businesses with their online presence. Services provided will include one to one classes in Twitter, Facebook, blogging, video blogging and making it all work together to promote their work.

CreativeEL aims to create an accessible digital and physical community while putting East Lothian’s creative side on the digital map. 

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