Creating Success from Home working only School Hours & being there for the most important moments in your child's life.

Create Success as a Mum, and for Yourself.

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Hi & Welcome to my page! I'm Kirsty - a Wife and Mum of 2 beautiful young children - my motivation to Succeed in Life. My other love in life is my Career & Business.


I was always "Career Driven" when I started working, but after climbing the Corporate Ladder for many years, I discovered that starting a family was going to have a severe impact on my ability to pursue my Career Development. This is when I knew I had to start working for myself.


I always wanted to be a Mum, but I wanted to maintain a Successful Career as well so I had to find a way to Succeed at both.


This is when I discovered the Home Business industry, in fact, I discovered the very business I run today.


My priorities were:

- Work around my kids (they're now 9 & 5yrs old)

- Do something that I love

- Be able to create my dream 6 figure income

- Be proud of what I do

- Not having someone else tell me what to do!


I got absolutely everything I wished for - and more!


My Mum was always at my school events, sports days, dance performances, excursions & camps. When my son started school I couldn't bear the thought of missing these milestones, when he received his first award, and being there to help out in the classroom.


This is why I now work strictly school hours, I've brought my husband home from an extremely demanding role, and we are both "present parents". 


We all have a choice in life to find something that works for us, or work for someone else forever. I chose to be the one in charge & now I teach others how to create the same success that I have been able to create, working from home.


You can have it all, Success at Home and in Business, you just need to make that choice.


If you'd like to find out more, please fill in the enquiry form & I'll be in touch for a conversation about your goals.


Until then, happy school days!

~ Kirsty Mailer ~

Ph: 0419 79 77 99


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- Work School Hours from Home
- Build Financial Independence
- Full Support & Training
- Global Company
- Assist Others
- Up to $5000 per Sale

Enquire today for a confidential Interview:

~ Kirsty Mailer ~

Ph: 0419 79 77 99