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I'm making the Camp Rhino Northwest location even better than the Camp Rhino Headquarters. Beautifully designed to optimize space and fun, we have some new obstacles we are building, along with the 4 restrooms and 2 showers. Right next to the freeway on Centennial and Durango, attached to a parking garage, the potential fun is limitless.


- Julie, Owner of Camp Rhino

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Camp Rhino Northwest

Founders Club

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Who are the Trainers?


My brothers, John and Brent Johnston will be instructing all the classes at the new Camp Rhino Northwest location. Both are 'favorites' with our Rhinos, and skilled in CrossFit, Bootcamp and Obstacle instruction.


John has been a trainer for Camp Rhino for over a decade. With a focus on exercise science research, he is our head trainer. 


Brent has been a trainer for Camp Rhino for 6 years. He is working on his Rehab Exercise Science certification and is passionate about helping our Rhinos stay healthy and happy.


Both my brothers are happy, helpful and super smart. I'll be visiting them in the Northwest often :) 

What are the hours and classes?


Open Gym:

Monday-Friday 5am-9pm

Saturday 8am-noon

Sunday 8am-noon


Monday-Friday Classes:

5am Bootcamp

6am CrossFit

8am Bootcamp

9:30am CrossFit


2:30pm Bootcamp

3:30pm CrossFit

4:40pm Bootcamp

5:40pm CrossFit

6:50pm Bootcamp

7:50pm CrossFit


Saturday Classes:

8:30am CrossFit Partner Workout

9:50am Obstacle Practice Race & Technique Training

Sunday Classes:

8:30am Bootcamp


Classes may change according to requests and popularity :)


What Obstacles and equipment will there be?



I always do a Grand Opening Obstacle 'Reveal' to showcase the new obstacles in a new Camp Rhino. There are 2 pretty cool surprises that involve swinging and hanging as long as we are able to engineer it according to our dreams. There will definitely be the standard Monkey Bars, Rope Climbs, Walls, Salmon Ladder, Warped Wall, Everest, and Cargo climb :) 



Bootcamp equipment

CrossFit Equipment

Weight Lifting Equipment

Plyometric Equipment (hurdles, agility ladders, boxes)

Sleds, Tires, Harnesses

Full Dumbell, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball set-up

Pull-up Rig and Squat/Press Rack



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Camp Rhino

Northwest Las Vegas

6430 N. Durango Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89149

coming May 2017

Julie Johnston

Owner, Founder Camp Rhino


Phone 702-767-8797


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