He is an accountant, that says it all!!


Over my 25 years as an accountant, I have held a wide range of partnership positions from accounting partner, to tax partner, to partner in charge of wealth management and managing partner. This varied experience offers me a unique perspective from which to view my client’s financial affairs.


My job is to help you minimize your taxes, increase your business profits and maximize your wealth.  I provide my clients with integrated advice that takes into account their business, financial, retirement, income tax and successions needs.

Owner-managed business and high net worth individuals, financial statements and financial reporting, income tax, estate planning, financial and wealth planning.


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The Blunt Bean Counter?


My name is Mark Goodfield.  You may know me best as a blogger, but I actually have a day job as a Chartered Professional Accountant and I am a partner with a National Accounting Firm in Toronto.


My philosophy is to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear about business, financial and income tax issues. That is why I am known as “The Blunt Bean Counter”.


I consider it a privilege to be my clients trusted advisor and sounding board in respect of their business. I am also honoured that they often consult me on personal financial and non-financial issues.


What you should know about Mark.