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What is BevRAGE

          Feature #1
    Dispenses Up To 8

Varieties of Beverages


BevRAGE is a unique, versatile, efficient, convenient, and simply cool Portable Multi Beverage Dispensing Chiller that is going to be a massive hit when it hits the shelves across North America.

The latest in Portable Beverage Dispensing technology that allows you to serve a variety of beverage choices at the push of a button.

        Feature #2

     Load It Up Any

      Way You Like

The BevRAGE Portable Multi Beverage Dispensing Chiller holds up to 8 beverage choices that can be any combination of 2L, 3L Bottles of Pop & Soda or 5L Mini Beer Kegs

The BevRAGE Portable Multi Beverage Dispensing Chiller will be available in a variety of colors and finishes that will satisfy the needs of almost everyone.

       Feature #3

  We've Got Almost

 All Colors Covered

Who's Going To Want One?

Everyone you can imagine including, Tailgaters, Campers, Party and Outdoor Concert Goer's, Boaters, College & University Students, Caterers, Food Truck Operators and so many more people, we just don't have enough room to list them.

       Sneak Peak Illustration 

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