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About us

We have one simple goal, make desk plants great again. Whether you are adding a plant to your office or your childrens room,  we want to make it an awesome experience. 


Air plants need love too!

If plants make people happy what do amazing plants make people? Amazingly happy. Air plants are unique because they don't require soil. This allows you to put them in all sorts of amazing places. Take a look at our creations. Each option comes with an amazing air plant and planter!

Grey Gorilla

King Kong? Naw... this low poly grey gorilla will go great in any modern home or office. 

One of the worlds most reviered animals, the elephant will bring piece and serenty to any space. 

Ram Scull

Geometric horns make everything better. This ebony planter will appeal to animal lovers all around. 

Ebony Elephant

Succa Original

The design that started it all. The grey glove, the Succapunch.

Impossible Cube

Our white impossible cube will instill wonder into any space. 

Baby Groot to be exact. This ebony rendition will put some galactic ties on your desk.

I am... Groot