Book Launch &
Aspiring Authors Reception

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What Others Are Saying. Awesome!

Tijuanna's new book, Answering the Call of God, will equip you with God-given self-confidence.


It will empower you to walk in your purpose and divine calling.


I applaud her on completing a project that will help change the lives of so many people, including yours.

This book is not just theoretical but indeed practical.


You will be touched and challenged as you read the practical experiences produced in this book. No situation is hopeless before God.


Tijuanna encourages readers to come out of their emotional prisons and become a blessing to their world.

Tijuanna simplifies how to understand, and in her own words, "Take the spookiness out of answering the call of God."


Her book expertly guides you through the continual communication necessary to fulfill God's will for your life. Her testimony and life experiences help walk you through the word.


It encourages us all to remove fear, run toward the Father's voice, and respond with faith.

Jevonnah Ellison

First Lady, Leading Business Coach & Author

C.E.O - Elevate Your Life, Professor & Coach

Dr. LeNetta Banks Williams

Presiding Bishop Perez Chapel International

Chancellor, Perez University, Ghana




Bishop Charles Agyinasare &

Rev. Mrs. Vivian Agyinasare

Event Schedule

Let the Launch Begin!

What to Expect

2:00 pm

Book Showcase

Aspiring Authors

Appreciation, Information & Give-Aways

Free Non-Fiction Writing Guide

Book Coaching Survey

Southern hors d'oeuvres will be served

(Chicken wings, potato salad, fruit, croissants....)


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7651 Eastchase Parkway

Montgomery, AL  36117

January 29, 2017

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I hope that you will join me in celebrating this accomplishment. But most importantly, I hope that I can inspire and even share with you in the journey of telling your story.

Let Your Life Speak!

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