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Apache Spark vs. Hadoop MapReduce for Just


Date: 18th August 2016, Thursday 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM ( EDT )


Spark Vs Hadoop MapReduce

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Are you planing to move on Bigdata and Hadoop and Spark and Scala? At the end of the session, we'll answer all your career & subject related queries.

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" These webinars provided me a great introduction to BIG Data and Hadoop Framework and RDD. I'm now contemplating a career shift into this space."

- Chen


" Big Data and Hadoop vs Spark was a concept that I really wanted to learn but just couldn't find the right knowledge resources. These webinars really helped me out. "


- Prakash

"  I had a great experience with Kratoes. The instructor completed decoded Haddop and Scala for me and directly cleared all queries & doubts. "

- Daniel

Kratoes Provides Industry Experts LED-Live Online Training with 24*7 support.

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Introduction to Big Data and it's challenges 
Introduction to Hadoop and it’s characteristics
Hadoop ecosystem
HDFS and MapReduce (Yarn)
Advantage and Disadvantage of Hadoop
Introduction to Spark and Scala
Why Spark and Scala
Data Loading Using RDD
Difference between Spark and Hadoop

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