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A UC Berkeley professor Dr. Anderson noted that the reason confident people don't piss people off is because they are not faking it. They really and truly believe in themselves. They don't see setbacks as a judgment against them. Just like Edison and the light bulb. Each time he failed, he didn't say, "I'm so terrible, I'm gonna eat all the brownies!" He said, "Well, that way didn't work. Check that off the list."


So how can we do that? How can we believe in ourselves when right now, we don't?


Change your thoughts

Change your judgments

Change your actions


Research shows us that many times a woman's performance doesn't equal a man's not because she couldn't do it or wasn't as smart but because she didn't even try. She "opted out."



But research also shows that those same women who opted out when first presented with a task, started to try once told, "You're really good at this." Self-judgment changed!


So what happened next? They succeeded! They changed their thoughts, which changed their judgments, which changed their actions!

So where do you need to begin?



Thoughts lead to judgments

lead to actions

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