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Incredible Accuracy & Quality

Small Details, Big Performance.

They thought of everything

The base S3 kit comes with everything you need to get started - HD camera, Projector, Calibration Panels, Software, Cables, even a Tripod!

Detailed Enough for a Fingerprint

Most 3D scanners struggle with small details, but the HP S3 scanner is different by design.  The world-class HP Scan acquisition software leads the pack in Structured Light Scanning. 


  • Adjustable Camera Angle
  • Calibration to Multiple Scan Area Sizes
  • Pre-Configured Projection Patterns
  • Up to 50 micron resolution


Scan anything from fingerprints to an engine block with ease!  

Robust Enough for Industrial Work

Some 3D scanners are highly sensitive to temperature, humidity and light - not the HP S3 3D scanner.  It is designed for use in any environment from a greasy shop floor to a pristine metrology lab.


  • Machined Aluminum Components
  • Ruggedized & Fully Adjustable Tripod
  • Functionality under varied lighting conditions
  • Lightweight Construction


You can rest assured that the HP S3 3D scanner will survive in your work environment to scan another day.

Trusted Partner

We know these scanners inside and out, and can help you achieve professional results...quickly!  Training, support, spare parts - we have it all.  Let our engineers help solve your scanning challenge.

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